What We Do

spiritual stickers

We create mystical stickers for every purpose in multiple sticker materials.

From our standard matte sticker paper to clear transparent and waterproof options, we have it all! They can be used everywhere from calendars to journals, from phone cases to water bottles.

We want our products to not only be beautiful, but also useful.

Everything we create is designed to enrich your personal journey of spiritual transformation!

The Origin of Our Name

I often have received strange looks and even laughter when I have told people the name of the store. This is probably because the armadillo is often considered a pest in the United States.

The armadillo is an unlikely hero, I admit that!

In my life, I have often felt like an armadillo, wanting to curl up in a ball and hide. Hide from difficulties in life, hide from conflict with other people, hide from sadness and suffering. 

But the armadillo is not only about hiding.

hiding in the sunflowers

After doing some research, I discovered that armadillos are resilient survivors and prolific diggers. In Spanish, armadillo means “little armored one.” This special animal is strong on the outside, but tender and vulnerable on the inside.

As a spirit animal, the armadillo is seen as a message for the Seeker to set healthy boundaries - a symbol of protection and safety. 

When I created Armadillo Amore, it was time for me to step out into the world. To uncurl myself from the little ball I was hiding in, and to show everyone the vulnerable heart within.

This is our mascot Aiko the Armadillo.

aiko the armadillo mascot logo

She has tough purple amour on the outside. But on the inside, she has a sweet pink heart, full of love that she is ready to share. Aiko means "little loved one" in Japanese.

As a person goes through life, she must be strong but tender. My goal with Armadillo Amore is to support you on your spiritual journey through life!