How to Interpret Reversed Tarot Cards

How to Interpret Reversed Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can be both exciting and confusing given the mystery of all their symbols and mystical meanings. The practice of reading tarot cards in the reversed position, as opposed to the upright position, can make things even more confusing.

Not all tarot readers read the cards reversed, sometimes for the sake of simplicity. It is also possible to read the cards in the upright position, while maintaining awareness that the reversed energy may also be in play. Whether you draw the card upright or reversed, both energies can be present simultaneously, like a yin-yang. No tarot card is all good or all bad.

One way to interpret reversed tarot cards is by using the acronym W.I.N.D. as put forth in Benebell Wen’s book, Holistic Tarot. This covers many different ways to understand the meaning of a reversed card.

W: Weakened energy

The card may be overpowered by other forces in the situation.

I: Inverted meaning

The opposite of what the card would mean in the upright position. 

N: Negative influence on Seeker

This is particularly true for Court Cards. Remember N for nobility.

D: Delay before outcome

Not all factors have fully matured yet. Patience is needed.

Sometimes, reversed cards can be unwelcome and unwanted because they take tarot cards we have come to feel positively about and make them negative. Similarly, it can be hard to believe that there could be a positive outcome when you see a negative card, even if it is in the reversed position.

When reading tarot cards, we often are looking for answers that are beyond the perception of our conscious mind. We ask questions such as "What am I not seeing in this situation?"

When we receive a card that makes us feel sad or mad, it may be reinforcing an intuitive feeling you already had about the situation. But remember to maintain a certain "dispassionate detachment."

Impulsive reactions may be tempting, but wisdom, contemplation, and reflection will help you make the most enlightened choices, informed by clarity and insight. Choices that will benefit you in the long-term, even if the short-term is uncomfortable for a while.

The cards do not rule your life. Tarot should always support you, not shackle you or take your power away. You always have the power to make your own choices and decisions. 

If the answer is negative, about any situation, I feel it is important to remember that sometimes “Rejection is Divine Protection.” If something is meant to be, it will be. If it is not, then rest assured that something better is on the way.  

Say goodbye to the past with gratitude for the lessons it provided. Then, become open to the many possibilities of the future. Remember that unexpected changes can actually be gifts to you and your life provided through Divine grace.

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